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Why Literature is Literally Awesome

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

I went to high school with Isabella, she was nothing but kind and hardworking! She has a big heart and genuinely wants to help others. I’m so glad she decided to volunteer with us! Here’s to creating big things!

-Abigail Trevino, Founder

In my childhood the moonlight illuminated my small bedroom, signaling the end of a beautiful day, and the beginning of a dark and scary night. As my parents tucked me tightly into bed, I would beg for a bedtime story to lull me to sleep and keep the nightmares away. Now as an adult, I don’t even notice the sun slip behind the horizon to signal the end of another stressful and exhausting day. I tuck myself into bed and read a book to sedate my anxious mind, hoping to keep tomorrow away for just a little bit longer. Throughout my entire life I have relied on books to transport me from where ever I was to where ever I wanted to be.

To me, literacy is not just the ability to read and write. Literacy is a tool we can use to read between the harsh lines of reality and open the doors to worlds we could only dream of. That is what is so awesome about books and all forms of literature! Through reading we are able to travel, wonder, and explore whatever we want. We can be whisked away to a romantic destination or explore the terrifying haunted mansion in the woods. We can time travel throughout the universe or gain the superpower to hear animals talk. We can read about other people’s lives, and possibly be inspired to find the courage and motivation to get through our own. Or we could just read bedtime stories that make us feel safe and sound for one more night. The possibilities are endless.

Literature is so important because it allows all people to use their imaginations and experience art that could change the way they see the world. This is why The Traveling Library of Corpus Christi is an incredible organization with a mission close to my heart. This organization is doing the great service of providing literature and other resources to all in need. Every person deserves to enjoy the beauty and power of literature. As a writer and an English major who hopes to write for the rest of my life, I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I never had the opportunity to find my passion in reading and writing. I hope that others can be afforded this experience, and that through this organization we can provide literary resources to every person who wants to seek them out.

To learn more about The Traveling Library of Corpus Christi, their mission, and how you can help them out, email them at and follow them on social media @thetravelinglibrarycctx.

From one literary nerd to many others out there,

Isabella Gonzalez

Writer, College Student, and Life-Long Reader.

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