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Please, Forgive Me.

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

By: Jordin C.

A teenage boy, named Atlas, was given the chance to build a good friendship with someone less than one hour. The twist is he has to destroy the friendship on the 59th minute. If he fails his mission he goes to a place where joy is never found and sadness is all you know. If he were to secede he would be able to gain that friendship or another friendship in return and no harm would come his way.

As the boy was sitting in the mall trying to pick someone to be friend, he saw her. Caymen. A girl who was just siting there staring amisley at other people. Atlas found her quite odd unlike himself who always fitted in with the crowds. He made his plan to walk over his way and drop his phone near her foot. When he finally executed his plan he had made a new friend. A friend he learned he didn't want to hurt. He new the task he was given, but as always his plans never go as planned. They talked for what seemed like forever, but they had only been talking for 20 minutes.

Time was running out for Atlas. He thought about how to end this friendship, but nothing came to his mind. He had grown to trust her and likewise for her. As the timer hit 50 minutes on his watch he began to panic. He stood up abruptly cutting Caymen off and he stared at her. He did that for six minutes straight. Nothing was awkward between them during those six minutes. They were just happy to have each other there. He started rambling about everything he had to complete this task and how it was painful for him to say goodbye. The timer had hit the 59th minute, and he had failed his task. He looked at her one last time and said, “Please, Forgive me.” before disappearing right in front of her eyes.

"Please, Forgive Me." is a short-story written by Jordin C., a local 14-year-old writer. If your child would like to have their short-story, poem, or other musings posted on the Traveling Library CCTX blog, send our blog curator, Sydney Spangler, an email at

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