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The Importance of Literature to Me... Alexis Cano

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

I am so excited to have a published author be our first guest on The Traveling Library of Corpus Christi's blog. Please read Alexis's inspiring story below! Please also check out her amazing book by visiting her Instagram account @thewhatifdietplan.

-Abigail Trevino, Founder of The Traveling Library

I recently published my first book, The What IF? Diet Plan, to share the story of my life-long battle with food and weight, as well as how I found freedom from these issues by challenging my beliefs around food, culture, and body image. I wrote my book because I wanted to connect with others who struggle with their health and know what it’s like to feel uncomfortable in their own skin. I felt it was important because I know how lonely and maddening this can be, and I wanted to do my small part to let others know that they are not alone and they are not crazy! I know first-hand how books can foster a sense of hope and connection for the reader and I wanted to do the same for others by sharing my story. You see, as a young child growing up in an abusive home, books provided an escape from reality when I needed it the most. They also taught me valuable life-lessons, morals, and the power of love and friendship. And they allowed me to create a future for myself that would not have been possible had I used my life-circumstances as a template for what I could become. For that, I am so thankful to my mother for reading to me at a young age and revealing the magic that was hidden within each book we read together. Books can inform or inspire us. They can lift us up when we are down, or empower us to make changes in the world around us. Books can also serve as a companion or mentor to those in need, and help us feel connected when we are all alone. This is why I absolutely love the mission of the Traveling Library of Corpus Christi! This organization provides knowledge by offering literature and other resources to those in need, which empowers our citizens because access to knowledge encourages the exercise of rights, inclusion in society, and freedom for all. If you are privileged enough to be reading this blog post, and would like to empower others through the power of reading, then I encourage you to support The Traveling Library of Corpus Christi however you can. To learn how you can support their mission, contact them at or follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @thetravelinglibrarycctx

Alexis Cano Author, College Advisor, Graduate Student, and Boy-Mom

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I was raised in a home with parents who only spoke Spanish, my siblings were much older so I wasn't read too much. I did notice that my mother always had her bible, that was the only book she read. I often thought as a young child, "Well, that much be a very important book." My first language was Spanish, so I struggled. I hope that the Traveling Library can also help others that are in that same position, Helping by offering books to homes where children with parents of other native languages, can be exposed to books and learn to love reading. Loved your article Mrs. Cano, be blessed.

Replying to

Thanks for your comment Bernice! We hope to arise a love for reading in books in families too! Thanks for dreaming big with us!

-Abigail Trevino, Founder

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