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‘Presiona Aquí,’ an Interactive Book

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

By: Sydney Spangler

It’s a book that breaks the fourth wall and encourages kids to use their imagination. Presiona Aquí, or Press Here written by Hervé Tullet and reprinted in Spanish, is a title that knows what kids are used to while also exceeding their expectations.

From the title to the last page, the reader is given a set of instructions like “presiona aquí y da vuelta a la página.” Like magic, another yellow “círculo” appears on the following page. For every action the reader takes, the book appears to respond. Red dots, yellow dots, and blue dots dance around the pages. Sometimes the reader is instructed to shake the book and the dots fly all over the place! Other times, the reader is instructed to clap and the dots grow bigger.

It’s a fun, quick read-aloud that invites your young one to play while reading. The out-of-the-box interactions helps young kids with fine motor skills, counting, learning directions (left, right, up, down), and knowing their colors.

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